Emily Hunt gets honest about her collaborations and Influencer marketing...

After an exciting 2017, we look back with The London Blogger (Emily Hunt) to discuss her favourite Brand collaborations, key insight in to how she works and finally where she thinks the world of Influencer Marketing is going. 


Connexi: Emily Happy New Year. As we look back to 2017, what were your favourite collaborations, both personally and ones you have seen, and why?

The London Blogger: Although I love working with a huge range of brands, my favourite collaborations are generally with new, young brands where I can see my content having a really significant uplift on their side. The one that springs to mind most is a jewellery brand called 'Little Joy' on the Isle of Wight - the lovely owner designs and hand-makes me jewellery which I never take off, so gets a lot of Instagram airtime! 

Connexi: How would you describe your style?

The London Blogger: My sister would describe me as 'scruffy', but I like to say 'tomboy chic'. Kind of minimalist yet on-trend. Many refer to my style as man-repellent, which I find hilarious! As they say "If men appreciate your style, you're not doing it right". 

Connexi: Do you believe there is a golden number of followers?

The London Blogger: Micro-influencers are becoming hotter and hotter as their engagement is generally higher and their followers more trusting of their posts, opinions and recommendations, so I'm really enjoying where I'm at right now. Saying this, of course I'm excited to grow and see what opportunities the next band of influencer 'calibre' I find myself in brings me. 

Connexi: What are the highs and lows of being an influencer?

The London Blogger: The highs are pretty endless - I meet new people each week, get invited to events I'd probably never experience before and get to work with amazing brands. I also love being able to use my following to spread positivity and change, bringing light to issues such as anxiety and depression and helping brands who don't have budget to throw behind influencer placement. The biggest downside to being an influencer is I don't really switch off which can sometimes (often!) be annoying for friends and family.

Connexi: How do you choose which Brands to work with?

The London Blogger: If they support good things and I genuinely really love their product/service, I'll consider working with them. I'll never promote a product purely for money - I have a job for that! 

Connexi: Finally, what is the dream for you as an influencer and where do you see the market going over 2018. Do you see any key trends?

The London Blogger: My dream is simply to continue what I'm doing and to enjoy it. If I stop loving what I'm doing then there's no point to any of this for me. Over the next year I hope to see more authenticity from influencers - I'm personally not a fan of post after post promoting affiliate links or sales - I think we need to take it back to opinion pieces and lifestyle. I'm also seeing more and more influencers posting 'reality' blogs, captions and stories, which show that Instagram is not by any means real life. I hope that continues as I think it's so so important. I think maybe video will progress into another form but not sure of what. I think YouTube is becoming stale and this content type needs another outlet. Maybe as embedded into blogs (that's what I've started doing, anyway!)


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