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Last week we caught up with the charming Ben Lebus, Founder of rapidly growing The Mob Kitchen. The Mob Kitchen have grown extremely quickly over the last 12 months, and have some very exciting plans ahead. Take a read about what The Mob Kitchen have instore over the next 12 months, from book deals to live events. 


Connexi: Ben it is great to catch up with you. As founder of The Mob Kitchen, you have been on a fantastic journey over the past and a bit. Firstly, where did the idea of Mob Kitchen stem from and what has been the driving force behind its success over the 12 months?

The Mob Kitchen: In my second year of uni I wrote a blog about recipes that would feed my housemates and myself for under £10. I realized that although I loved food and cooking, my housemates didn’t have a clue and were ending up doing pesto pasta / bacon sarnies 5 nights a week. Speaking to them, they did not feel there was any relevant space online, which taught people to cook in a fun and accessible way. In my 4th year, there was a large explosion of online food content led by Tasty, which I was obsessed with but also slightly frustrated about as I didn’t like the way it was just focused around food porn, so I wanted to pair up my idea with that sort of content and create realistic and easy to access recipes. I then hired a film crew to create my first 20 videos, and we launched the channel at the start of October 2016.

I believe there were several driving forces behind the success of The Mob Kitchen. First and foremost, blind perseverance. Just like everything, there were a few rough periods along our journey and I honestly believe that my passion for the channel was what got me through it. Secondly, there were a couple of lucky breaks including getting my hands on a list of 800 Food Journalists, which is where articles in the Evening Standard and Daily Mail came from. Finally, activating my friends, and getting them involved, either from an ideas generation perspective (new recipes) to get them to tag friends and share posts, etc.

Connexi: What have you focused on to ensure your audiences stay engaged and your numbers continue to grow?

The Mob Kitchen: I think the key ingredient to keeping our audiences engaged is to ensure that you respond to what they do and don’t like, as well as coming up with interesting variations on that. Something that may be a surprise, is the Mobs passion for Pitta Bread. It is clear that every time Pitta is used the engagement rates increase, so we now try to use it in most videos. 

To ensure our numbers continue to grow, our strategy is to put out relevant and frequent content as well as reaching out to other pages and other Influencers. We find collaborations are a fantastic way to expand our network.

Connexi: Over the past 12 months you have partnered with a range of Brands. What do you look for in a partnership and what has been your most successful partnership to date?

The Mob Kitchen: The most important thing I look for in partnerships is to ensure that the Brand fits in with The Mob’s ethos. We have been lucky to have had lot’s of Brands interested in partnering with us, but unfortunately some of the products have either been too expensive or not healthier enough for us, and one way we believe that you can alienate your audiences is by posting irrelevant content. One of our proudest partnerships is with The Tofu Company. A young, up and coming Tofu Brand, that grabbed our eye with its cool branding and brilliant brand ethos. Our first partnership with them led to one of their videos ending up in the top 5 all time views on The Mob’s videos, and we have really exciting plans moving forward, such as, events, live cook a longs as well as the traditional How-To’s.

Connexi: You also have a side arm, video production offering. Tell us a little about this? What makes you different and which brands would you love to work with?

The Mob Kitchen: We created this as a side arm to The Mob Kitchen, but as the channel has grown, the production arm has slightly been pushed out. As we were starting out, it was another way we could offer our services, and another way we could add our expertise to brands that didn’t quite fit The Mob Kitchen. We worked with brands such as Rude Health, but have found, that when you are working with a range of brands, creating white label video content, the process is a lot more challenging and therefore I think although it was a great money generator at the beginning, it is not something we will be using moving forward.

Connexi: What is install for The Mob Kitchen over the next 12 months?

The Mob Kitchen: We have just announced that we have signed a double book deal with Pavilion publishers. For the last three months I have been recipe testing and shooting new content with an amazing team, which will be coming out in August 2018. We have just moved into our new studios, which is very exciting and allows us to really start churning out large volumes of content. Finally we have some great brand collaborations planned over the next 12 months with brands such as the Tofu Company and Coconut Collaborative plus many more…watch this space!


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